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    To  pharmaceutical and health products industry:  1. Low energy consumption and high  productivity. The granulation rate can be 85% for 8~60 mesh granules.
     2. Structure is simple and fastening part  is less. It is convenient to install and disassembly the equipment. The  disassembling time is less than 8min, and installation time is less than 8min.
     3. Sealing efficiency is good and there is  no leakage. So it can ensure the safety of operator and drugs.
     4. Control system and main machine is in  one body, it is convenient for installation and commissioning.

    To  food and chemical industry:  1. The surface of roller can be checker  type, straight type and plain type. They can meet the requirements of treating  materials with different properties.
     2. Capacity is large, in can meet the  requirements of large capacity production in food and chemical industry.

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