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    YOYI Dry Granulator Has Been Used for the Production of Antioxidant 168

    2018-3-14 8:13:22

    Yingkou Fengguang Advanced Material Co.,Ltd has purchased one set LG-300 Dry Granulator. This machine is used for making antioxidant 168 granules.
    This is the first dry granulator that used for antioxidant product, and also is the first dry granulator that used in chemical industry. So before purchasing the machine, client demanded after the machine is finished, they would take material to test first. If the test was failed, the order should be cancelled. And if the test was successful, they would pay the balance payment and pick up the goods. Many supplier of dry granulator rejected this demand. But the engineer of YOYI Machinery is very confident for this test. Because he has researched and developed dry granulator for many years, and has rich experience for designing the dry granulator for chemical industry. After the machine is finished, the engineer and client succeed in doing the test. Now the machine has been delivered to client already.
    In general LG Dry Granulator is used in pharmaceutical industry. The biggest model is LG-100, and its capacity is about 100kg/h. But the capacity requirement of chemical products is big. So the engineer of YOYI special designed the LG-300 Dry Granulator for the client, the capacity of it is 300kg/h. In the future YOYI will develop bigger dry granulator such as 500kg/h and 1000kg/h, and further open the market of chemical industry.


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