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    Dry Granulator Has Been the New Superstar for Concentrated TCM Granules

    2018-3-14 8:20:01

          Changzhou YOYI Machinery Co.,Ltd concentrates on researching, developing, manufacturing and selling pharmaceutical equipments from it is founded. The products of YOYI Machinery include Dry Granulator, Centrifugal Spray Dryer for Chinese Medicine, Hopper Mixer, Lifting Feeder, and Vacuum Feeder. And among them, Dry Granulator is the leading products of YOYI Machinery. With the strong technical strength, excellent quality, good performance and high granulation efficiency, Dry Granulator has been the new superstar the used in Chinese Medicine Enterprises.
          At present, YOYI Machinery has cooperated with Anhui Yuanhetang Pharmaceutical Limited By Share Ltd, Anhui Guangyintang Chinese Medicine Co.,Ltd, Changbaishan Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd, Guangdong Yifang Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd and so on. These Chinese medicine enterprises use YOYI’s Dry Granulator to make Concentrated TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Granules. The installation and commissioning work of the equipments almost has been finished already. All clients are satisified with YOYI’s Dry Granulator, and will have deeper cooperation with YOYI in the production of Concentrated TCM Granules.
          In the process of dry granulation, liquid binder is not needed. The machine can make powder material to granules directly, all process is finished in one machine. So compare with traditional wet-granulating process, equipments are less, cooperation worker are less and occupied area is small. Dry Granulator has been more and more popular in Chinese Medicine Enterprises, and has become a new superstar for Concentrated TCM Granules.

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